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I was sitting here minding my own business, singing a wonderful and heartfelt version of I Need Somebody, you know, kind of quietly to myself, and Carol threw a wadded up piece of garbage at me from the other side of the room.

It was just like a Stooges gig...
Great song by ole Iggy, I was looking through the comments under the video and found this one to be funny....

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I typed in "I Need Somebody" and Justine Beaver came up first.
Sign of the apocalypse, IMO.
I always enjoy singing a little bit , especially if there's a tank of helium around to help with the long high notes. Same trash different song. Of course I don't think this guy ever took his shirt off on stage.

2:12 is where the really good part starts.

...singing a wonderful and heartfelt version of I Need Somebody. That's where you fucked up. Chicks can sniff out that frontin' shit. Got to get genuine and earn the street cred. Sing her this one next time (the song that launched a thousand shits).

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