El Corno Emplumado - No. 7 - (July) 1963: Love Bound At The Wrist And Hung Like A Salomey (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Thanks to Detective Zobraks for confirming that "Love Bound At The Wrist And Hung Like A Salomey" is uncollected.

The other 2 poems were in the LouJon books.

I love the uncollected one -- thanks to Al Fogel for providing the magazine.





Can someone do a comparison on the LouJon poems? I doubt if they are different, but if they are, it would be good insight into Buk's early editing.
I THINK OF HEMINGWAY has only one minor difference:

only the world is ending​
only the world ending​

BEANS WITH GARLIC is very different:

beans with garlic​
this is important enough;​
to get your feelings down,​
it is better than shaving​
or cooking beans with garlic.​
it is the little we can do​
this small bravery of knowledge,​
and there is of course​
madness and terror too​
in knowing​
that something of you​
wound up like a clock​
can never be wound again​
once it stops.​
but now​
there's a ticking under your shirt​
and you whirl the beans with a spoon,​
one love dead, one departed​
another love...​
ah! as many loves as beans​
yes, count them now​
sad, sad​
your feelings boiling over flame,​
get this down.​

I don't know who cut the last stanza, but this 1963 appearance kind of puts to rest the idea that Bukowski wrote all of the poems for Crucifix in New Orleans in 1965 (though now that I check, this is the only poem with an earlier appearance...).
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