El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn No. 3, July 1962 3 Bukowski Poems ( one uncollected) (1 Viewer)

Received this today and enjoyed Bukowski's poems. Buk was quite lyrical back in the early 60s. I especially enjoyed the uncollected one: " The Imaginative Ladies: "



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I didn't know 9 a.m. and THE IMAGINATIVE LADIES.

I sometimes get the impression that I can almost feel the music Bukowski was listening to while writing certain poems.

9 a.
m. must have been to some symphonic climax, I think.

1000 thx for posting these, Days runaway!
I mean the "larger than life (with each speck visible)" mega scans (made by Dates Days runaway) that the management quickly replaces with smaller/easier on the server pictures.
Here's more passive aggression: :acb:

I guess it would kill you to let the originals stay for couple of hours (while us folks in Europe sleep).
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Forum software is $140 and a .com domain is about $11. You can get shitty website hosting for $60 a year. So all you'd need to invest is $211 to start your own Exceptionally Large Images Of Old Magazine Pages forum. Even better, the cost to renew the forum software is only $40 a year, so really, after the first year you'd only be paying $111 a year. Large images seem very important to you, so I'm sure you'd pay a lot more than that for them.

Or if that's not really your thing, you could hire some people to harvest images for you. A small crew that works while you sleep, constantly reloading forum pages and websites looking for really big images and saving them for you. That will cost you more, but probably not much more if you know where to look for low priced talent (hint: Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Vietnam and India are good places to start).

Either way, you could take hold of your destiny and escape the tyranny of this dump. DIY, that's what I always say. If you don't like the way something works, do it yourself and do it better. You'll come out on top every time. Viva la Raza!
I was gonna suggest the same thing as hoochmonkey9: Why not write Days runaway and ask him if he'd send you the original sized scans, if you want them (for whatever reason)?
9 a.m. is almost completely rewritten and collected in The People Look Like Flowers at Last.
A Rat Rises was collected in The Rooming House Madrigals (with "like snot" kicked out); it's also in It Catches My Heart in Its Hands.

Ask days to send them to you.
Why not write Days runaway and ask him if he'd send you the original sized scans, if you want them (for whatever reason)?
I did what you had suggested and guess what happened - on that very same day Days runaway left this joint never to be seen again. :nw:
I guess it wasn't my PM that made him do so, but who knows...
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I guess it wasn't my PM that made him do so, but who knows...
People come and go. Judging by what he posted here though, I imagine he'll be back. Unless something happened to him.

As far as image size goes, the goal here isn't to provide archival scans of these magazines as objects, it's to read the words. I think clicking on thumbnails or viewing a page so large that you have to scroll around to read it takes you out of the flow of the words.

It used to be a resource (file size) issue, but the back ups of the forum are so large now, and space is so inexpensive that that is not an issue. That being said, there's no need to take up 10MB of space for images that can be served up just as well in 500kb. And usually the images can be made a lot smaller without sacrificing readability, so that's what I do.

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