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I've had these chapbooks for about a month now but have been to busy to announce them until now. Back in February, I published the first installment of a serialized zombie novel as an ebook. I know, I know -- who the hell needs another zombie novel? I don't even read zombie literature, except Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (does that count?) but I got to thinking what if I did write a zombie novel, what would it be like? What would my premise be? And with that thought, the story took off on it's own, with little help from me. I was just the typist, like I was channeling the thing.

Below is the official description of Electro-Thrall Zombies, Book One, the Kindle edition. I hate writing these blurbs because they feel false and dead, but it's a necessary evil. How else would you know what the story was about?

Auto mechanic Davey Axton had serious doubts about going to work for Doctor Karshton, zombie slave master, at his mountain compound high above the small town of Tusk, Oregon. What with four distinct types of zombies running around -- some of them dangerous, some of them docile, according to Karshton's "Unified Theory of Zombification" -- it was all very confusing and more than a little risky. But it looked like taking the job might be the only way he could be near the one girl he really loved but could never, ever have.

Bill Roberts, the most generous and energetic man in small press publishing, kindly designed, printed and bound up 50 copies of this first installment, and he did a beautiful job. I did not pay him one penny for this, and I didn't ask him to do it, but I'm grateful and honored that he did it.

These are published under the Golden Posterity Press imprint, which is a name I use when I don't want to use my old old Rumba Train Press name.

The edition available now is the paperback, limited to 50 signed copies, sewn in wrapper, 24 pages. I expect the entire series will consist of three installments. I'm 95% done writing Book Two, which is at 70 pages presently. When all three installments are done, there will be a very limited set of hardcovers of each of the three books in a clamshell, with original art by me. There may also be individual hardcovers of each title along the way -- I'm foggy on that part. But today, what I have to offer is the paperback which sells for $5 plus shipping. Shipping in the U.S. or Canada is $1. Shipping outside the U.S. is $5. To order, send me a PM and I'll give you payment details. Thanks.



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