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I have two Mp3s with Elvis Costello and he is one of the most talented musicians of recent times. Watching the Detectives, Veronica, Radio and nearly everything he ever sang.

I was listening to Elvis Costello when I was coming out of a very low point in my live in the late 70s. How could I forget,The Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes .
Armed Forces and My Aim Is True should be on the rack in every household. Late 70's - early 80s Costello very much into, not so much later on.


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I am a major fan, but I didn't want to just come out and say it before I had a little support. but having said that, I really do not like his Spectacle show. It's really self-indulgent and makes me throw up a little. He's still a genius and everything - musician/writer/producer wise.


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it is self indulgent, but that doesn't bug me all that much. I find the episodes are hit and miss. the one with The Police made me want to run up on stage and slap everyone involved.

a big ol' tantric slap for Sting.

but there are some good moments. I'm thinking of Kris Kristofferson and Jesse Winchester. and when Julian Schnabel came onstage drunk with Lou Reed and there's a big quick edit and hey! where did Julian go?

but yes, uneven.
I am a major fan, but I didn't want to just come out and say it...

The only one you'd have to worry about is you know who.:p I recall being made fun of for listening to him from fellow punk compatriots back in the 80's. Hell, he started out with a fierce, snarly punk attitude that made a lot of the punk bands at the time look like cupcakes in comparison.
Spectacle with Nick Lowe was pretty cool. Elvis nakes me gag now-he like Rod Stewart should be forced to listen to his early music to remember when he didn't suck. The Rod Stewart refernce is stolen from a critic. Speking of critics
I still laugh recalling the David Lee Roth quote critics like Elvis Costello more cause more critics look like him.
Next week it's Bono and the Edge are on Spectcle so more of that we are the world bull crap.
So yeah I like Elvis and want to like him more but Christ get over yourself and your place in the history of music-you know being a poor man's Jeff Lynne.

And note! Up here we call UFC a nice sport for those afraid to play lacrosse.


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Of course. His country's national sport is lacrosse? That has to stain the spirit. Pinocchio in the house.

quick off topic: in 1994, the House of Commons passed a bill which switched lacrosse from Canada's national sport, to the national summer sport and made hockey the official winter sport.

carry on with Elvis....


Maybe I'm the only one (on the world) that LOVES Elvis' album MIGHTY LIKE A ROSE. There are a couple songs that make me cringe, but the other songs are amazing and I believe that the album was ignored by most people. We played the shit out of it in the early 90's when I worked at a record store. At lease once a day, we played the album. Still, no one bought it....



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I don't agree that his early music was his best. (Feel free to beat me with a stick.) Mighty like a Rose, as Bill said is a good record, and the Juliette Letters was hard to warm up to, but brilliant nonetheless. But more new than that was when he got back together with the Attractions and made Brutal Youth. That is a damn great album. I wasn't expecting it to be good and then it blew me away. When I saw them play, I was even more blown away, especially that they all got along for a little while. How nice.

I think his mistake wasn't so much working with Burt Backarach, but working with him SO MUCH! Jesus, it took him off a very good path I think. I thought the Grace of my Heart film was great, but he should have left it alone there and never gone on tour with him. That was a big mistake I think. I sat through that concert and nearly wanted to kill myself -- and no one could love Elvis more really. I even respect Burt, but what a bad combo for 2+ hours! I lost a lot of my love for Elvis after that. Then Spectacle was a pretty thick nail in the coffin.

Every now and again I break out of my coffin though and secretly love EC. I can't help it. :)


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I named my daughter "Alison". This may sound corney, but the circumstances were right. Yep, Long time fan.
Not a big fan but This Years Model is one of my favorites from that time. And I loved his band especially the bassist Bruce Thomas, I believe.

I recently downloaded a bunch of tunes by him and was impressed with him singing some standard type song. The guy was obviously not born a great singer but I think he's done the best with what he has.

And I love the song he wrote, Almost Blue that Chet baker, one of my favorite jazz guys sang. And Elvis is married to a great current jazz singer Diana Krall.

Still not as great as the King.


You know, there are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder, so I'm going to have to admit that I love the Bacharach sessions. I think "Painted From Memory" is an album full of good pop tunes, though it won't satisfy that new wave/punk-pop craving like the older material does.

But I give him credit for stretching out and collaborating with other artists and arrangers.


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I liked this version of
But you know, I have a couple friends really into Elvis. They have tried to get me into him for year and years. I have maybe 4 cds, but for some reason, maybe I tried too hard, I just could never get into his music.
I think EC is quite talented, but I've never been much of a fan. I do, however, really enjoy his rendition of Weird Nightmare the tile track from Hal Willner's Meditations on Mingus (a fine album, by the way - I even dig Chuck D on that one).

For those of you who aren't familiar with the work, it's a Harry Partch-infused journey into the fertile groove of Mingus compositions and musings. Yummy.
your post made me listen to this one again tonight:


still my favorite album from Elvis Costello!

- Welcome to the working week
- Blame it on Cain
- Alison
- Watching the detectives

- but I also love:


- No Action
- I don't want to go to Chelsea



- Accidents will happen
- Green Shirt
- Party Girl



- Pony Street
- Kinda murder
- This is Hell
- You tripped ...
- Favorite Hour

This kid is pretty cool.

btw. hankso: Your link was hilarious! That's really true EC-like!

hank solo

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The vocal on that ad truly was dubbed by Costello's father. I shit you not sir.

Elvis is credited as a backing singer on ever reliable Wikipedia.

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