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That was pretty funny.
Reminds me of some radio shows in the 80ties.
"Rocked" is my favorite.
Looks to me like some hack comedy writer is trying to be the next Tucker Max. I don't know...these pranks did nothing for me. Just my opinion.
Hilarious! I got myself a good laugh. All the stories are great, but I really enjoyed this part from the pool story:
You can either pee in the sink, or out the window. The window overlooks an alley behind 5th St, and most of the time nobody walks below you. Even if you do piss on someone, you are on the 7th floor so they will probably have no idea where it came from. By the time it hits them, you will most likely be zipped up and have the window shut. The sink has a garbage disposal in case you need to take a dump.
I literally read every single email on this site yesterday at work.
I work a desk job, so, its very easy for me to do this.
I once read 145 pages of Failbook in a day. hahah.

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