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Tried to locate images of the interior without luck. Anybody know about this thing? My feeling it's more about the design of the book than about Buk's words, but that's just a guess.

Not to bait and switch, but I'm still trying to unload a fine copy of "A Visitor Complains of My Disenfrancise." Which is basically an art project too. I paid $175.00 and am willing to break even at this point if anyone's interested. Bill Roberts informed us that it's a bootleg, but it's a damn nice bootleg. Buk didn't sign this one, but he did sign a few to make it legit. I assume Martin was pissed... which makes me happy....
It was probably something Emigre published to show off a new typeface. I had a little specimen booklet they sent me with an excerpt from a John Fante story... again, it was just to show off a typeface.
Chronic, thanks for making an appearance with your usual wisdom. My meds are your meds if you ever want to come back full time. Between the Collecting site and the Wormwood site, you've already made positive history....Thank you...

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