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I regret my bad French now, because I would love to read the article.
I used to buy Schwermetall on a regular base, but that must have started around '87. I didn't know they ever featured Bukowski.
I couldn't see it.
They asked me to confirm, that I agree to look at confronting stuff, but after I did, nothing happened.
Maybe my browser-options didn't allow it. (e.g. I usually don't allow ActiveX or cookies except when necessary.)

Anyway, thanks for posting, Digney!
Thanks, Digney! Nice photo's of Buk. Too bad I can't read French. You can't even copy and paste the article into a translation machine because it's pictures of the article. Perhaps some French speaker here can give us the gist of it.
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Philippe Garnier was Buk's first french translator. He and some others guys from Les humanoïdes Associés (the publishing house who publishes "Métal Hurlant") were the first ones to publish Hank in France, within the "Speed 17" collection.

I'll read it and try to sum up it !

Here is for you, Roni :
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... They asked me to confirm, that I agree to look at confronting stuff, but after I did, nothing happened.

why can't I see it?
All I get is this message, which keeps appearing even after I agree!

oh, I just missed your links!
They work pretty well.
thanks Amber!
mods: maybe you can delete this whole post.
(still I wonder, if other cats from germany had the same problems.)


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I had the same blog-warning, but after agreeing to see explicit material, I could watch the page with the 1978 cover and the article about Bukowski under it. I have no idea why you couldn't, roni.
I have OCR'd the text - it may still have some spelling errors.


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I have OCR'd the text - it may still have some spelling errors.

Thanks, hank solo! Now we can put it through a translation machine. I actually did that but I couldn't attach the English text here. I got the message it was invalid (I had filed it in Wordpad). Then I tried to copy and paste it, but the text was way too long for the forum to accept it (I could split it up in three different posts though, if anybody wishes).
It's about a guy who visited Buk...

Btw, are those OCR programs free, or do you have to buy them?
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I used Acrobat Pro to OCR the text, which is a commercial program.

Is this easier? Click

Actually Google's translation seems more natural in parts. Somewhere between google and babel fish there's a readable translation.

I've spell checked it to the best of my ability but there's probably still some errors. If any of our French speaking friends would like to correct the text I will update the file.
A commercial program? I thought as much. I would like to get such a program at some point, because it's very useful.

It's great that you have spell checked the text. I wanted to copy it to Wordpad but for some reason it came out in French every time I tried. Maybe because a box from Google (asking if you have a better translation) pops up no matter where you put your curser on the text in order to copy it ("Select all"). Do you know a way around that so I could copy the English text to Wordpad for my Buk files?
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Thanks Hank.

All 3 translations are slightly different. I suppose if you read all 3 you will get a version that is true.

yahoo txt: I had thus sat on my steps in my armchair smashed to try not to shout.

google vers online:
So I was sitting on my stairs in my chair broke down trying to not scream.

google vers txt: So I was
sitting on my stairs in my wheelchair broke down trying to not scream.
Very interesting, strangegirl; and thanks for posting those three. Having been very interested in translations of literature for some time, considering that several of my favorite writers do not claim English as their first language, I'd have to say that even reading all three don't quite get one there. And that's what I expected. It's disappointing, but predictable to me.

It's really quite unfortunate, because the subtle nuances of colloquial-speak just cannot be rendered true by even the best translators. I've always wondered just how much better or worse (to be fair) Camus, Dostoyevski, and Kafka are in their native tongue. I'll absolutely never know the answer to that unless I spend countless years learning the intricacies of French, Russian, and {hell, I'm an idiot here; what did Kafka speak, Czech? - is that even a language? Crap, I don't deserve to know.}.

You know, and junk.
I planned to read the article and sum up it in the night but I was just back from Inglourious Basterds and too agitated by that film to read anything. I want my scalps ! :D

I've spell checked it to the best of my ability but there's probably still some errors. If any of our French speaking friends would like to correct the text I will update the file.
Oh this translation machine is great ! I didn't know it ! Sure, it' better than a mere summary !
I've quickly glanced at the beginning of your french text and found some errors. I'll give you the corrected version in the afternoon. ;)
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Here is the corrected french version. I hope I didn't miss any error. :D I concurrently checked the original version (the scans) and noticed that some typography and punctuation rules were not respected. I don't know if Philippe Garnier did that deliberately, I prefered not to touch at it... He also spelled some words wrongly... I can't believe he did it on purpose, so I restored the right spelling.
Yet, this text is full of colloquial words, specific french terms and neologisms that can't be automatically translated and need a human translator. But this google translation is assuredly better than nothing ! :D


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you're welcome, Purple.
and don't worry:
even in Germany, a lot of people don't know what language he has originally written in - nor where he lived. or anything.

like usually people don't know, that Paul Celan (who was Romanian) wrote his famous 'Fugue of Death' in German. or that Samuel Beckett wrote both versions of 'Waiting for Godot': English And French, and Nabokov wrote 'Lolita' originally in the English language but also did the Russian translation. (etcetc)
You're welcome !

I have two excellent french articles dating back to last year (french release of the Sounes bio + of The Days run away like... ). Though written within a right-wing newspaper and magazine, they're very laudatory. I can put them here if somebody is interested.
Ok, Roni.

Actually, I don't have two articles, but three ! But only two are scanned.

The first one is an article from the literary supplement of the french newspaper Le Figaro and I think that it wonderfully sums up Hank.

The second one is from the newspaper Metro that is freely distributed in the subway in several big cities all over the world. It's short and rather intended to those who don't know about Hank, but Roni seems to be interested in everything written on Hank so here it is !

The third one is the longest, from Le Figaro Magazine, but I only have the paper version. I scanned the two others at a time when I had a non portable computer which was directly linked to a scanner. It's not the case with my current portable computer, I really don't know how to connect it to the scanner... But I'll try to scan it tomorrow where I work, some lucky colleagues do have a scanner !

EDIT : I don't understand, they say the second one is too heavy to be posted whereas it is shorter than the first one ! I'll try to scan it again.

Here are the other articles (I found a fourth one about the Sounes bio in my things) :

Oops, the article from Métro hasn't been correctly scanned ! Sorry !


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Thanks, Ambreen! Great stuff. It's interesting to me that the French seem to "get" Buk better than other countries for some reason...
You're welcome David ! As you're interested, I can scan the article from Métro again tomorrow.

Are you the one with a french father ? Or is it Pessimist ?

A well-scanned version of the last article :


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