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I am desperatly looking for a poem in which C. Bukowski describes an encounter on a bus, with a woman sitting next to him. It might be a short story... Honestly, I am not even sure that it was written by Bukowski, but I have been thinking about it for a while and can't find its trace, because I don't have access to my Bukowski books right now. It does ring a bell as being written by Bukowski.
Can anyone help me with this? I know that I read it recently, so it could be in Run with the hunted, The days run away like wild horses, Absence of the hero, or maybe another one...

Thanks a lot in advance. Hope somebody will remember this one!
I was thinking she meant 'LIFE IN A TEXAS WHOREHOUSE', but the incident was obviously recycled in 'Henry Miller Lives in Pacific Palisades' and also in Factotum, chapter 53. I'm also quite sure that the same story was re-used at least once more, in a novel or short story. I remember after the girl gets off of the bus Chinaski decides to cash in his ticket and go back to look for her. The local paper bit reappears too. Haven't traced it yet.
Great! Thanks a lot for these answers. The one I was thinking about is probably from "Henry Miller lives in Pacific Palisades", since it's the one I read most recently. Now I just have to wait till I can get my book and read it again.

I thought I knew Bukowski pretty well but finding this forum just proved me wrong! Thanks again.
Yes, this is one of the few author-specific forums, if not the only one where you ask a question and the editor of the book in question answers you.

Hemingway doesn't get this treatment!


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