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hey folks!

I searched the net for the english version of "for marilyn m", but I just can't find it. I have read the german version, and it's good actually, but I'd really like to read the english version.

so if anyone of you would be so kind to post it here, it would make me a much happier man.

thx & greetz
found it on http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/bukowski.net/

for marilyn m.
slipping keenly into bright ashes, target of vanilla tears your sure body lit candles for men on dark nights, and now your night is darker than the candle's reach and we will forget you, somewhat, and it is not kind but real bodies are nearer and as the worms pant for your bones, I would so like to tell you that this happens to bears and elephants to tyrants and heroes and ants and frogs, still, you brought us something, some type of small victory, and for this I say: good and let us grieve no more; like a flower tried and thrown away, we forget, we remember, we wait. child, child, child, I rise my drink a full minute and smile.

it's a good idea to buy the books! :) (it's in "burning in water, drowning in flame")
you can also find that one in the book 'Burning in water drowning in flame'. Highly recommended.

oh! pulp has said that already!

welcome to the forum.
thanks roni (in case you were referring to me :) )!

in that case, I'd refer to the both of you.
... aaand would still love to have you both introduced in the 'new blood' section, just b/c it's where most of those cats, who intend to Stay here, go first. It's worth it, trust me.

@pulp: yes, I like that you started to Contribute! shows some honesty.

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