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I am looking for a copy of this magazine from 1964. Cirerita, you may have a copy of this to scan? I am looking to buy a copy of this is anyone on the list has one to sell. This is the one that has "Advice for Some Young Man in the Year 2064 A.D." Any help would be great. As always, you all are great!


I have all uncollected and most unpublished poems held at the UCSB, USC, and Tucson Special Collections Departments. So yes, I have all Epos issues with uncollected/unpublished poems, including the Epos extra issue known as Poems and Drawings.

However, in the issue you mention, there's only that one poem you reprinted in Bottle #4. Why on earth do you want a scan of that one? There are 2-3 minor changes, though. Maybe that's the reason????
Bill's reason for wanting to see it aside, I know there are others who haven't had a chance to see Bottle who would like to read it. I know it's a pain to scan things, but think of all the good Karma you're accumulating! ;)

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