Esotouric's new John Fante and Charles Bukowski LA tours (1 Viewer)

Esotouric, the eclectic bus adventure company whose offbeat tours expose L.A.'s secret history, is thrilled to announce that this August 16-19, we'll be organizing a gala downtown celebration for what would have been Charles Bukowski's 87th birthday. Stay tuned to for much more news about Bukday.

Since June 16 sees the debut of our tour of John Fante's Bunker Hill, and Fante and Bukowski are so deeply entwined in the city's literary legacy, we're extending this special, limited time offer: Purchase one seat on the 6/16 Fante tour and one on the Saturday 8/18 debut of Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles, and save $20 on the combined fare. Interested? Visit for more info.

Our tours include Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles, The Real Black Dahlia, Weird West Adams, Blood & Dumplings, Pasadena Confidential and Hallowe'en Horrors. Coming soon: Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles.

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Upcoming Esotouric tour and event schedule:
Sat May 26 - Pasadena Confidential
Sat June 16- John Fante's Dreams of Bunker Hill
Sat June 23 - Weird West Adams
Sat July 21 - Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles: In A Lonely Place
Fri Aug 17 - Charles Bukowski's Birthday Party event
Sat Aug 18 - Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles
hmhmhm my first impression was this MUST be a joke - a Bukowski bus tour in L.A. really unbelievable. I see it with mixed feelings on one hand it's good to introduce Buk maybe to a new audience but on the other hand it looks a bit too commercial. In my guess Bukowski would absolutely hate it.
Any other points of views ?
What are the further plans for the four-day Buk gala?
This may not be what that fellow wants to hear, but this sounds like just one more ill-fated attempt at milking cash outa the BUK.

Bukowski legacy?
I like guided tours. One of my favorite ways to learn about stuff. Of course it would depend on who was doing the guiding but a tour of LA that included some stories about buk and passes through his old stomping grounds I would actually think that could be cool. But again, only if the person leading it was legit and not some hipster dilletante and/or Bukowski scholar.

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