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These are all gone, sorry.

We're giving away 10 copies of the new poetry collection, Essential Bukowski: Poetry, to lucky readers in the UK and Ireland, courtesy of HarperCollins UK subsidiary 4th Estate.

Like the recent collections On Writing, On Cats and On Love, Essential Bukowski: Poetry is edited by Abel Debritto, who has gone to great lengths to maintain the integrity of Bukowski's work, using his archives gleaned from extensive, worldwide research to ensure that the versions of the poems he presents are as close as you can get to reading pages pulled directly from Bukowski's typewriter. Bukowski lovers everywhere owe Debritto a debt of gratitude for his hard work and dedication.

If you have a UK or Irish mailing address, you can get a copy of Essential Bukowski: Poetry delivered to your doorstep by a white gloved, tuxedoed MP in a chauffeured Bentley (or a postal worker) absolutely free. Just post your response in this thread letting us know you want the book and we'll take it from there.

Oi! My perfect British accent makes me eligible for one of the copies, right?
Just kidding.
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We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us....

Now can I have my free book?
The cover doesn't look so bad in person. Maybe you can see in the photo above that it isn't cheaply printed. The other side of the photo is on the back cover, by the way. For what it's worth. And so forth.

The typeface and the photo on the UK version might not be turning any heads, but the U.S. cover is With that huge 1980s brush stroke Poetry in the middle of the green sea. It looks like it was made specifically for the $1 book table at the world's last Barnes and Noble.

The U.S. hardcover is casewraped, so it's got that going for it. I prefer that to the paper dust jacket on the other recent hardcovers. But I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

I don't think there's been a good "new" Bukowski cover in a long time. The lack of attention given to the covers does tend to make the books seem like afterthoughts or bargain basement stuff.
Both covers are sub-par, but that horrible photo of Buk on the UK cover is among the worst items ever introduced into commerce. It's just plain disgustingly annoying. Maybe that's the point. We shouldn't expect beauty from this source, right? But I'll bet that The Bluebird is in this.

Well, checking the wonderfully-crafted database (and I mean that very sincerely), it's already in On Love. But I'll bet it's in this one too.
What bothers me about the UK-cover isn't the photo, but the stupid sentence "something for the ..." as if this was the essense of Bukowski statements.

Still I would consider moving to the UK just to fetch one of those gratis-copies for my archive.

haven't seen the green cover in natura yet, but from the pics, I must confess, I do like it.
Has some unintrusive touch to me. Not as loud and attention-grabbing as some others (showing half-naked females and such).
the stupid sentence "something for the ..."
I'm wondering what that is, because it doesn't seem to be a doesn't appear on the spine or anywhere inside along with the title. It does just seem to be random cover text.

But it is there on the cover, so I imagine some people will start to call the book, something for the touts...
Yeah, I've heard of the poem. ;) I guess what I meant to say was, I'm wondering why that text is there, because it isn't a subtitle, so it doesn't make any sense.

It's a book cover, not a tumblr gif. Someone should explain that to the kids in the graphic design department over there.

Well, at least it's correct. They could have put FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND LET IT KILL YOU there instead.
I like the black and white photo, just wish it was a different one too. I think the text is there as a teaser, to lure you in, making it personal ( something... for you) must be some consumer measured trend for selling books perhaps. A bit cheesy though.
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I did not know Genet wrote such a poem. That I like. Is it worth starting a thread Poem about Bukowski?
I did not know Genet wrote such a poem.
Pretty sure a copywriter at 4th Estate wrote that "poem" and sandwiched it between the quotes.

And to muddy the waters further, it's likely that Jon Webb fabricated the Genet "quote."

a copy here please!
Of course.

Watch for a private message. We need your name and mailing address. That goes for everyone who wants to claim a copy: look for the little red notice in the upper right corner that tells you there's something in your forum inbox.
MP = Member of Parliament. See, because it's a giveaway for the UK. Get it? Get it?

Five people have responded to the forum message with their addresses, so there are still five copies left. If you claim one here in the thread but don't respond to my message asking for you address, you might lose out to someone who does respond. So, you know, respond.
More than 10 people have claimed a copy, but only 7 have responded to the forum message asking for a mailing address, so if you've posted in this thread but haven't responded to the message, do it now, or you could lose out. We can't wait for you, the books go out to the first 10 mailing addresses we get.
I would love a copy of this book, huge fan of his work, live in the U.K. and work for STORGY Magazine. Please let me know what I need to do to be in with a chance to win a copy...
At this point we can take a name or two for a "maybe" list, otherwise, all of the copies are spoken for. I'll post a list of the lucky recipients when it's final.

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