Essential Bukowski: Poetry


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It's funny to consider that in the (almost) 13 years since this forum was born, we've arrived at a time where it is a trivial thing to carry all of his books around with you...on your phone.

And the fact that 14 or 15 (or 18 depending on what you count) new books have been published since January of 2006 is worth noting too.
[...] it is a trivial thing to carry all of his books
You Americans (and maybe all you young people in Europe) are so far ahead of me:
I still do carry real books (physically).
and I like it.

here's my idea of a perfectly portable literary highlight to carry with you every day (just photographed):
[please note that in the case of this pic it's WHITMAN's "Leaves of Grass", which deserves such a grace like barely any other work of letters]


[also note the many little bookmarks I have in the book]
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