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Any soccer fans on board ?

What is your favorite team ?

Germany did a good job in their first match maybe they will make it ...
Sure, I'll come over here... and bring the cards with me :p
watching Spain v Russia as I write this.
Spain just went up 2 nil. 2nd goal a direct result of a dreadful corner by Russia.

don't really have a favourite team in this tourney, but if I was forced to pick one, it would be Italy. a good friend of mine was born in Romolo, and he's rooting for them, of course.
I know and you use to think Super Bowl was something you ordered at a Japanese restaurant.

Soccer fans have the luxury of no commercial interuptions. We football fans need our beer commercials. We have no attention span-God bless us.

BTW how do you take time to take a piss, while watching soccer.;)

hank solo I will find the cards.
Soccer and I had a marvelous relationship. We left each other alone and everything was at peace. Now it broke the pact by coming to my country together with 839447832 drunken, bald, street-pissing males, and I have to work in the midst of them.

My revenge will be horrible.
Check out that first swedish goal by Zlatan.
Bye bye Greece...
4 - 1 to Spain, GO SPAIN I picked them out in the sweepstake at work!

Can anyone believe that they are allowing McClaren to comment on the football, he's an idiot!
Spain played very poorly yesterday... but Russia was simply unbelievably bad. At times I thought I was watching a highschool match.

Spain sucks, and I'm far from being Catalan, thank God ;)
Not bad for such a small country, huh ;)
How are the comments of Günther Netzer and his colleges?
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Yeah, they done it to the "homies" again. Great action though. Is Thierry Henry still allowed in France after that hideous gaffe he made?

I've got to renew my Soccer channel subscription, American stick and ball stuff is getting on my last goddamned nerve.
Spain sucks... but Italy sucks big time. What a bunch of lazy fuckers. It was so obvious they expected to win on penalties.
Uhhhh we did`nt played very well last night but we are now in the final.

Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins." Gary Lineker
"The ball is round. The game is 90 minutes. That is fact. Everything else is theory"--Sepp Herberger
Much to my regret, I gotta admit Spain played fairly well tonight. If they play half as well next Sunday, Germany is surely TOAST! ;)

Funnily enough, I'll be on the plane to Buffalo next Sunday and I'll miss the match. Ha!

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