Ever seen a photo of Bukowski at Musso and Frank Grill? (1 Viewer)

I came across a picture of Bukowski sitting in one of the big red booths at Musso and Frank Grill one time and now i can't find it anywhere. Anyone ever seen this or know what direction to point me in to find it? Ive searched google images galore but it seems to have disappeared. If you aren't familiar with Musso's you still might know the picture. Its Buk, probably in the 90's a bit grainy photo quality, sitting in a big red leather restaurant booth with dark wood wall. Thanks in advance!
Can't help you with this particular photo but I'm sure there's a pic of him outside of Musso and Franks in a book somewhere

p.s. I thought Musso and Franks was a fictional place. Obviously not
Nope Musso & Franks is real. mjp can probably tell you more about this place. I always thought that it was something of a trendy, elitist place (the kind where they laugh at you when you call for reservations). I believe that Buk ate there with Sean Penn & Madonna. If so, that would give you a better idea of the joint.

Nah, not trendy or snobby... more like old world.
I ate there when I visited LA and it was your basic restaurant.
I think Buk would have taken Penn and Madonna there because that is where he felt comfortable.
I think he mentions in a poem that Reds book store and M&F where the only parts of old (real?) Hollywood left.
Now I'm starting to think....

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momo... wasn't that the name the Iris Prints were produced under?

Moroder and Montfort?

So I deleted the picture they were 'after' so as not to infringe any copyrights.

Just in case.
No need to panic...

Thanks for all the replies folks! To quell your curiosity I'm actually the 4th generation owner of Musso and Frank's. Im also a huge Bukowski and Fonte fan. A gentleman here in Hollywood is doing a Bukowski tour on his birthday (Bukowski's) and M&F is one of the stops. I told him about that picture I had found and wanted to show it to him just because I thought it was cool and I wanted to print up a copy for myself. Musso and Franks by the way is worth checking out. Unfortunately sincee I just got involved in the business recently I haven't got a website up. But getting a reservation is no problem and it oozes literary history (Fonte, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hemmingway, Chandler, Bukowski...all used to be regulars). Anyways, I really would love to find that picture. I tried that link someone provided but it didnt take me anywhere. Any advice? Thanks again.
Here's one of Born Into This director, John Dullaghan - is this at Musso and Frank?

[Image gone. Please attach images for future generations. For the children! -ed.]
OK... so here it is.

M and Fs.JPG
Thanks, ROC! I've never seen that photo before. It's just great! Buk relaxing with sandwiches and a beer. Beautiful...
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Thats great! Thanks for thr pic

Great picture. Its been a while now Im not sure if it was the one I saw before...I thought for some reason it was a wider shot. But this one is a great picture. Really much appreciated. If you ever come across another at Musso's let me know. Thanks again!

The same bottle of Heinecken.

That's the picture I tried to upload. It's heineken and we call it: Metropolitan canal water.

Try Grolsch instead, also available in the USA.

I do understand Buk, though. Heineken has a good taste if you're used to beer like budweiser etc.

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