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From the 1974 issue of Everyman.

Another nice poem. I'm consistently amazed at the quality of a lot of the stuff I read that isn't collected... Thanks.
Next you'll be asking what a grinder is... or a sub... or a hero... And then you'll be wondering about the difference between a tag sale, a yard sale, and a garage sale...

Ah English... what a lovely language...
Those cool dark tombs don't sound bad at all...
From the 1974 issue of Everyman.

I believe this is uncollected except for one small excerpt, which eventually became a broadside published by X-Ray Book Company in 2005.

The same excerpt was also included in the poem "as Buddha smiles" published earlier this year in The Continual Condition.


Well, yes and no. The "as Buddha smiles" version in The Continual Condition is a little different from the collection published by Bottle of Smoke Press. "I shot the cat" wasn't in the BoSP version, but someone took the editorial liberty of adding it in the H-C version.

I guess the editing is irrelevant, though, since it wasn't conceived as a single poem anyway.
I always thought hoagie was strictly a local thing here in certain parts of the NE where as most of the country and world refer to them as subs. but a cheese steak? a philly cheese steak in LA in 1974? :confused:
Nice to see an EXACT transcription of the MSS poem for a change. Have we determined whether "as Buddha smiles" in The Continual Condition is an actual poem written by Bukowski or a collection of fragments put together by Martin?

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