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To put it plainly, this is a book I have been waiting 4 years for. McGettrick's first collection...long overdue in my humble opinion...and it looks to be another gorgeous offering from David at sunnyoutside. Not sure if I was first to pre-order or not...but I tried to be! If you don't know his work, you're still lucky enough to be in on the ground floor...and if you do, my guess is you've been waiting for this book as long as I have!

you there! go buy it!


You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Oh yeah? OK. I bought my copy. Listen you fuckers, you screwheads, you pomegranate eaters, you martini mannequins, you naked-in-the-rain dancers, listen to cunningham and buy a copy.
I guess they decided on a title alteration, initially I thought it was going to be titled Life, Love and Everything Else We Must Endure. Thanks for giving us the heads up that it's finally been released.
Thanks for the mention Hosh. Yeah the book has been a little while in coming but I hope you find it worth the wait. Really all congrats to David at Sunnyoutside for a sterling job, he made the process a joy to be a part of and that cover! Just sets the whole book off I think. Jesus Jersey, yeah you're right. Shortened the title; thought it snappier and more open-ended. Ta Folks, hope you enjoy the book.
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