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A few weeks back I wrote that I would get my ultra-crude Buk videos digitized. Back in the 80s I made videos of several Buk stories using a rented video camera and editing them on two VCRs.
Gut Wringing Machine.jpg
It's been a real headache getting them transferred. I did manage to get The Gut Wringing Machine onto a DVD but couldn't download it onto YouTube to share with you guys. I finally resorted to filming an excerpt off my computer monitor using my Flip camera. Frankly, the whole 24 minute video is painfully slow (and some of you might even find this excerpt painful) but it has its moments. I had sent these to John Martin and he told me Buk enjoyed them and thought they captured his work better than the feature films made of his novels. I have no way of knowing if this was true.
Here's the link to the seven minute excerpt - the last part of the video. If you haven't read the story, The Gut Wringing Machine is used to wring the fight and spine out of potential employees, rendering them weak and malleable.

I liked it. I would've loved to see all of it. It's one of my favorite short stories from "Erections...".
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