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Expensive piece of paper... (1 Viewer)


Once again, I would seriously consider buying this, but the postage puts it just out of reach.

James Musser has To Kiss The Worms Goodnight for 4 grand. Copy #4 of 27 in fine condition. Free shipping.
Would be interesting to see what an eBay auction for one of those broadsides would bring if started at a buck.


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Yes, it would be interesting to no-reserve one of them with a low starting bid in a 30 day auction to see their actual value (as opposed to the fanciful value dealers place on them). But no one will ever do that. Individually I don't think one would go for more than a couple grand.

You have to put a premium on the set, but then you're getting into a price range for such a specific item that the market can't consist of more than a few people. It's an interesting thing, an item with a perceived value that makes it practically un-sellable.
Yes, it's a peculiar paradox where a genuinely rare and desireable item also exists in a market that renders it impossible to honestly value. Which leads to owners forever holding on to their item because they cannot get what the item is theoretically valued at.

Or exactly what MJP said in fewer words....

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