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hello all, just saw an advertisment on the independant film channel (great station!!) for Factotum, to be aired on aug. 18. hope that this isn't old news to you all, anyways, i thought i'd give a heads up just in case.....(maybe this shulda been posted in another area? )
That's a weird move to give it to cable the same day (or thereabouts) as the US DVD release.
I didn't think that this was the US DVD release date. The whole IFC plan is that they release these indie films on the SAME DAY AS THE THEATRICAL RELEASE. At $5.99 it is a bargain, especially for those of us not in LA or NYC. Here in Delaware, there are NO indie film venues. Only the big releases get play in the 4 or 5 movie theatres in the entire state. I think that this gamble will pay off well as it will let others in small towns see a hot new indie film before it is hip to have seem it....

Of course, if Factotum is set for DVD release on that date, then my whole theory is shit, really....


p.s. Anyone ever been to Delawate? Not much here. I can drive the whole state in about 90 minutes (N to S0 and at its widest, 30 minutes (E to W). Not exactly a metropolis, especially when you remove Wilmington (which is really a suburb if Philadelphia)....
You're right, that is the U.S. theatrical release date.

Still --- let me see...I can go to the theater and stand in line and pay $20 for two tickets and $15 for a bag of popcorn and two bottles of water, and sit through the movie in an uncomfortable chair, with half a dozen jackasses carrying on conversations or answering their cell phones within 20 feet of me -


- I can sit on my couch in my underpants and watch it, pausing TiVo whenever I want to get up and take a leak or walk around the room or get a sandwich.

Hmm, that's a real head scratcher...which to choose, which to choose...

Hi mjp,
That is why IFC putting on first run movies is such a HUGE deal. They think that this could change the way that new releases are marketed. If they could ever find a foolproof way to block recording off of the Tv, they will probably start releasing blockbusters to pay-per-view. Being the father of two small kids, this will mean many more movies WHEN THEY COME OUT...

I think that in 20 years this will be commomplace...

There was a recent movie called Bubble which was released on cable pay-per-view, dvd and theatrically the same day. Nice gimmick, too bad the movie was practically unwatchable.

And yes, I like weird movies. Just not boring, pointless ones.
And by the way, Bill, I think it will be way less than 20 years. First run films on your home set are probably only a few years away.

I read an interesting article about data transfer and storage that pointed out that only five years ago the cost to store an average MP3 download was almost 200 times what it is now...meaning that the space and bandwidth necessary to download and store a film will be negligible very soon. That's what will break everything open.
Big screen first:

I recommend seeing Factotum on as big a screen as possible first time around. It has a lot of visual things going for it, and these just don't transfer well to the tube. (Example: the scene where Chinaski reads part of "a poem is a city".) I saw it twice large scale, and liked it best the second time, but the DVD disappointed. Something was lost in the transfer I guess...

The big screen still has a sort of magic going for it that TV can't match. And if the audience is if half decent, seeing movies with other ppl gives an extra piff as well. Now what would the track be for Buk without the crowd? Can't live with em and can't live without em... just like the members of this forum ??? :D
Speaking of Factotum on IFC, I don't see it on their schedule for the next 30 days. So maybe no simultaneous theatrical/cable release after all.
I think it's being distributed with IFC Films (the theatrical release). I've seen that add as well, and nothing gave me the impression that it was being aired on the channel. It was just a mention in the ifc news program about it's release date.
I suspect that it will be on IFC On Demand... a pay channel carried on some cable systems. They show first-run films at the same time as the theatrical run for $3.99-$5.99. Time/Warner just took over Comcast and that particular pay channel has disappeared from their line-up.
How about a sneak preview MJP?

Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Bing Theater
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Screens: 1
Ticket Prices: Adult: $9.00 | Senior: $6.00 | Child: $0.00
Factotum (R) - 1 hr 34 mins
Sneak Preview | No Passes | Drama Mon., 8/14: 7:30pm

Would be interesting to get an eye-witness report on th LA vibes of this screening...
Monday at 7:30 isn't do-able for me at LACMA, but maybe someone else around here will go and report. I anticipate a calm scene and minimal frenzy. Apathy is more likely, knowing Los Angeles. ;)

If it comes to one of the little Laemmle theaters we'll go see it on a weekend. Maybe. The DVD has pretty much cured me of movie-going. We went to see Little Miss Sunshine in Santa Monica the weekend before last, and I almost got into a fistfight with a jackass on 2nd street, so I think I have to stay in for a while.
Well I'll be damned (i'm sure i am) i am sure that i saw the ad for factotum scheculed for the 18th, even looked it up on ifc's page, but now surley dont anymore. damn! and i was looking forward to the showing. dont know what happened but sorry for the misinformation.

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