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Most movie tie-in books are novelizations of the film script. If that's what they intend to do, it won't have anything to do with Bukowski, and I can't imagine who would actually buy it. I would hate to see his name on crap like that.
In my country we have re-issued becuase movie was in cienemas. So prehaps american books it's the same, old Factotum? If you know, tell me :)
Hey, if they can get mall rats to read the original Factotum by putting a picture of Matt Dillon and Marisa Tomei on the cover, more power to them.
yeah you'd think that because of the movie, more people would want to read the original book. i would. im just buying the movie to see if they do the book justice. even though im pretty sure they won't. Honesty, Mickey Rourke played Chinaski well in Barfly...but Matt Dillion, I guess I'll have to see it to make my own decision.
Factotum is about 200 pages, so it may be just the book with a different cover, which would be good. Again, if it gets people to read it...
yeah but for some reason don't you think the cover of the book will be the same as the movie poster? when books are turned into movies and they re-release the book with the cover of the movie that messes it all up. not that it matters or anything I just like original covers.
# Paperback: 208 pages
# Publisher: Ecco; Reprint edition (August 1, 2006)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 006113127X

Well, it looks like it really is a definite reprint of the original Buk book...
Hi, I'm sorry to resurrect this thread, but I didn't think I should create a new post for this.

I see it was mentioned that it's a reprint of the original, but the ISBN mentions "movie tie-in" on the copyright page like so:
ISBN-10: 0-06-113127-X (movie tie-in edition)
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-113127-1 (movie tie-in edition)

On amazon it is listed as "factotum tie-in": https://www.amazon.ca/Factotum-tie-...TF8&qid=1542348127&sr=8-167&keywords=bukowski

Can anyone confirm that this is the original text reprint? Does the tie-in here only refer to the cover?
I don't know if there's anything added to or removed from the text (I would doubt it), but I know it's not worth more than $5.

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