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Factotum with a painting (1 Viewer)

The Rastafarian dog painting isn't among his best work. ;) But yeah, I would think 1500 is on the low side these days.
This is a 1/1000 edition, not 1/75 as initially described.
Still worth it?
I retracted my ($2000) bid.
That's really odd - the painting looks like it's from a group made for books, why would someone glue it into the regular hardcover? Weird, man.
Bukowski often 'tipped in' paintings into copies he held for presentation.
This may be one of those.
Holy shit! I didn't notice that! Actually, James Musser at Skyline Books has a copy of HAM ON RYE in stock that is also a standard first edition with a painting tipped in. I suspect Red had something to do with these errant editions. He was known for that.

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