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Factotum? (1 Viewer)

Hi, does anyone have a copy of Factotum that they could sell me? Someone from England would be ideal to keep the cost posting down. Yes, i'm quite poor. thanks
The movie was an in-flight choice on a recent trip I took to London (Virgin Atlantic, hipsters that they are). I guess that means it will be straight-to-DVD when it hits the states. Such a shame. I would have loved to see it in the theater.
I'm after the book. The film was at a cinema here a few months ago, but as i hadn't read the book, i didn't want the film to taint it, if you know what i mean.
In the UK you can order the Virgin Press edition new and delivered for £6.99 inclusive.

Thats at

If you want a Black Sparrow edition, you'll pay more of course.

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