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Matt Powers to bukowskidotnet
1:23 PM


FYI, we have a Charles Bukowski Bobblehead available if interested. Check us out at http://www.thebobblehead.com.



You can go directly to the page here. He's between Che Guevara and Barack Obama in a basketball uniform (hey, where's the Obama eating watermelon bobblehead?!).

Or you can just throw $70 out the window.
Aw, fer Gawd's sake, that thing looks about as much like Bukowski as I do. Or my dog. It looks like a cross between Jesus Christ and Charles Manson. And his shoes are two different colors. Madre de dios!!!
Or you can just throw $70 out the window.

Dear Matt Powers,

Please take my advise.

Throw your 7 inches bubbleheads away out of an 8 story window
while you drink a six-Pack (Tall)
You will feel refreshed by the breeze.

Good luck.
shit. I just can't make up my mind between the bukowski or the mount rushmore... I mean hell, they would both look cool on my dash. or maybe one in front and one in the back . Hmmmm, gotta give this alot of serious thought.....
People who make bobbleheads are bobbleheads.
Especially bobbleheaded bobblehead-makers who try horribly unsuccesfully to make bobble heads of Bukowski.
Better to make a bobble head of George Bush, for example, who was a natural bobblehead.
As soon as Matt Powers realizes there are no takers for those he'll repackage them as George Carlin bobbleheads. Carlin fans would pay 69.95 for a 2 dollar hunk of plastic.
Ponder is right.
Yes, SG- I think we did. Suddenly I don't feel so far behind!!
JEEZ-US! I've asked it before but do people REALLY buy this shit?? He's not grey enough, he's not drunk enough, he's not messy enough and-
he's not nearly as tragic as- "Snowman at Campfire." CRB:)
I love how he posted here to promote his bobblehead, but does not seem interested enough to reply. I guess that the goal was to sell a few pieces. We seem to just be another forum to be used to sell things on. I can say that I do not think that he'll sell one of those George Carlin/Steve Carrell bobbleheads here.

If you guys think it doesn't look like Bukowski, why don't you make one that you think looks like him? Anyone can complain. Be a solutions oriented person. How about all you guys get together, make one that you all agree upon, and sell them to all your other Bukowski fans?

-You got one leg in the future and one leg in the past, you're pissing on the present (Famous poet)
Because many of us find a Bukowski bobblehead to be silly and a waste of time, whether it looks like him or Steve Carrel.... Sorry, but you asked. I don't want a Bukowski raincoat or Bukowski brand condoms, so I have not made those either...

...why don't you make one that you think looks like him?
Because they're stupid? Just a guess.

...make one that you all agree upon, and sell them to all your other Bukowski fans...
Oddly enough, the goal of this place isn't to sell shit to people. A foreign concept to many, I understand, but that's the way it is.

I'm still waiting for your "Obama eating watermelon" doll. That, I'll buy. You know, that or one with him holding some fried chicken, or a grape soda or something. You know what I mean. You already did one with him holding a basketball, follow through all the way with that theme.
Actually, the Bobblehead of the famous German poet looks a hell of a lot like jmp...

The couch Potato looks a lot like me, but I'm much fatter and balder.

Otherwise, I'd pick one of those couch potatoes up for my wife to go along with the beechnut chewing tobacco that she loves so much...

Hey, jmp, you should pick one up of you...
You disappoint me, Rick. I expected more from someone with such a revolutionary marketing idea as BOBBLEHEAD dolls. I expected a little spark of genius, perhaps, in keeping with the wit and humor on such clear display on your little web site. But you came back with nothing. I am shocked and saddened. I don't know how I'll recover.

oh - there, I've recovered!

Carry on.

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