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thanks.. very interesting. i figured if i had more disposable income i'd have a great collection . i guessed sean penn would have some gems.. and those blokes from 'born', tom waits and bono etc..
Don't count on them having collections.... Sean Penn probably has a few books, but nothing amazing. Same with Bono. Just a guess... Now, I know that Larouquette is a book collector and I know that he collects Bukowski.

I have a vague memory of Bukowski being mentioned on "Night Court" -- either in the dialog, or the credits, or maybe Larroquette was just holding a Buk book. Anyone else remember this?
Larroquette was in a show called the John Larroquette Show in the early/mid 90's. He played a recovering alchoholic/struggling writer/night manager of a bus station.
John Larouquette was on the Show "Bloopers & Practical Jokes". The set up a fake auction and the books were for dozens of times more that they should have. I remember seeing this a long time ago. I even found a copy of the program that Red xeroxed. Most of the books were Bukowski, if I remember. It was kinda like a copy of "The Day it Snowed" selling for $2000.....

Ah, I'd forgotten about the bus manager show. Maybe that's where I saw the Buk reference. I never saw the Bloopers show, so that wasn't where I got the idea that he'd dropped Buk's name.

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