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Sad Flower in the Sand
While going about some research, I came across the fact that both Fante and Bukowski were published in Story Magazine.

Fante published a story titled My Mother's Goofy Song (also collected in Dago Red\Wine of Youth) in April 1940. And of course, Aftermath came just 4 years later... I just thought that was an interesting connection.

And if this has come up before, I apologize. I can't use the search function for shit...
Not for nothing, there is a new search function (check the link in the left column) because the search function in the forum software is kind of weak.

That is interesting that only 4 years separated those stories. I never think about Fante and Bukowski intersecting like that. For some reason I always think of Fante as being a screenwriting hack by the time Bukowski was active. But obviously that wasn't the case.
Well he was already hacking his way through Hollywood at that point, but he kept a steady stream of at least two or three stories a year through the 40s...

And I continue to ignore the left side of the page. I'll try that search out next time I need to find something.

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