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If you guys aren't reading Noah Van Sciver's story about a struggling writer named Fante Bukowski, there's a possibility that you may miss out on something from which you would have derived anywhere from a very small amount to a very large amount of enjoyment. [edited to be less absolute.]

He's posting a page every day or two here.
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okay, i edited my original post to be less absolute, since i don't want to offend anyone by presupposing you might like something i like. however, comics is absolutely not a genre. there's no debate. that's like calling music or film a genre.
I wasn't offended in the least. Just suffering from a lack of entertainment regarding a work that was presented as something I am missing out on. I like missing out on a lack of entertainment, regardless of the artistic medium from which said lack of entertainment is derived.


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I think it should be called a squiff:
Definition: a good natured contretemps; ranging between a tiff and a squabble.:)


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Pillow fight. Hope the Dean doesn't catch them, they'll be expelled. Especially when they're wearing those sexy teddies. Naughty.


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Come on. Garfield is a cat that eats lasagna! LOL! You're just jealous because you never thought of anything that funny.

I don't know. 90% of a good comic is writing, and there is 0% writing in Fante Bukowski. I don't think the drawing is any good either, but what is "good" comic art is way too subjective to even get into. Besides, if the writing is the important thing, drawings you don't like can be saved by an interesting story.

The page @jordan chose to include here doesn't really do the artist any favors, since you have to go back quite a way before you realize it's supposed to be satire of a certain type: a 23 year old who quits his father's law firm, reads all of Bukowski's books and renames himself Fante Bukowski.

That's not a bad premise, but unfortunately that idea is the beginning and end of the whole thing. There's no story. There's nothing there but a bunch of obvious references and easy, unfunny "jokes."

I'm afraid I'll have to review it unfavorably on my wildly popular comics blog, GARFIELD CITY.

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I felt like I had to say something, but I got nothing... Except Garfield still owes me $500 bond for getting him out of a very delicate situation when he beat up a Tranny Tabby at the New York Ritz back in '92 and another $500 for making his dog's corpse disappear after he sold him a gram of Drano. Fuckin' cats, never do business with them...
The comic strip is funny. I don't know why some of the other people here seem to have a hard-on for it, the person who posted it, and comics in general. I for one had never heard of it, and appreciate the link.

Yes, this is my first post on this site, and no I am not the cartoonist.


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It looks like a graphic novel with a Bukowski-like character will be released in July from Fantagraphics:

"Noah Van Sciver’s latest graphic novella drops in on the life of the self- styled, aspiring young writer, Fante Bukowski, as he delusively makes his way to literary fame and fortune, one drink at a time. Living in a cheap hotel, consorting with the debased and downtrodden, searching for that golden idea that will rocket him to the success he yearns for as the great American novelist, and to get respect from his father once and for all. But, there’s just one problem: Fante Bukowski has no talent for writing. This latest book from emerging talent Van Sciver is another unique character study (along with Spring’s Saint Cole and 2012’s The Hypo) that mines the author’s interest in pathos and the human condition."

- Hopefully, it will be worth reading. We certainly don't need anymore "Buksploitation", although the name of the title and the name of the character suggests as much.



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On Amazon they show a different cover and says the release date is August 15.
80 pages in color. $11.07

"Noah Van Sciver  first came to comic readers' attention with his critically acclaimed comic book series Blammo, which has earned him 3 Ignatz award nominations. His work has appeared in Mad magazine, Best American Comics 2011, and The Stranger, as well as countless graphic anthologies. He currently is the writer/artist on a comic strip titled "Rufus Baxter" for the alternative weekly newspaper Westword. Van Sciver has four graphic novels: The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln, Youth Is Wasted, Saint Cole and Fante Bukowski: Struggling Writer."



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Thanks! I forgot the comic had been mentioned before. It´ll be interesting to see what the reviewers thinks of it. It can't be that bad when Jordan recommends it.


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If you want to know if it's worth buying, you can read about 50 pages of the comic at the artist's website, many of them in consecutive order.

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