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lothario speedwagon
these are all fante books from john martin's collection. they are all black sparrow editions, and all of the numbered copies are "#1," which is pretty neat (although some cynical people might say that that's not any more rare than any other number, but still). all are in fine condition except for some foxing to the top of the page block on most of the books (except the newer ones). PM me or post if interested.

brotherhood of the grape:
$125 for first trade, $175 for numbered

dreams from bunker hill:
$175 for first trade

full of life:
$115 for first trade, $175 for numbered

1933 was a bad year:
$125 for first trade, $175 for numbered

the road to los angeles:
$145 for first trade, $225 for numbered

wait until spring bandini:
$225 for first trade

west of rome:
$205 for numbered, $240 for lettered (note: this one is not from JM's collection, and is lettered "C")

wine of youth:
$125 for first trade

selected letters:
$100 for first trade, $175 for numbered

shipping is $5 per book, although i'll group shipping and charge at cost for multiple purchases.
If I recall, those are all published after Fante's death, so not signed if numbered\lettered? Or am I wrong about that?
Ah ok, thanks for the clarification. I'm still considering some, but... between you and Jason, I'm gonna be in the poor house :p

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