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Christmas Eve, Alone

it's my all time favorite poem, yet my copy of Love is a Dog From Hell recently got jacked and i can't buy another copy at this time cuz my finances are sooooooooo tight.

so i was wondering... if someone would take pity on me and transcribe it...

even more annoying, i'd prefer it to be formatted right (line breaks, etc.)
the way Hank intended.

any takers?
i'd prefer it to be formatted right (line breaks, etc.)
the way Hank intended.
Well, we don't know what "Hank intended" unless we can see the manuscript. What is in the Black Sparrow books is often what John Martin intended. Or a typist, if you believe him.

Besides, we don't publish copyrighted material here just because some two-post jackass demands it (properly formatted, no less). You've got some nerve.

Christmas eve, alone

Christmas eve, alone,
in a motel room
down the coast
near the Pacific"”
hear it?

they've tried to do this place up
Spanish, there's
tapestry and lamps, and
the toilet's clean, there are
tiny bars of pink

they won't find us
the barracudas or the ladies or
the idol

back in town
they're drunk and panicked
running red lights
breaking their heads open
in honor of Christ's
birthday. that's nice.

soon I'll finish this 5th of
Puerto Rican rum.
in the morning I'll vomit and
shower, drive back
in, have a sandwich by 1 p.m.,
be back in my room by
stretched on the bed,
waiting for the phone to ring,
not answering,
my holiday is an
evasion, my reasoning
is not.
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George Jones could not have said it better.(The post,not the poem.)And i wont be happy until a book comes out with poems that detail every edit and out right additions to the manuscripts.I want to know the writer not the want to beeze.

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