Favorite Author (dead and still with us)

zoom man

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Irving Stone
Richard Ford
Richard Price
Pete Hamill
Paul Auster
Mr Hemingway
and more that I can't think of right now


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that's easy:
Fiction: Cortázar
Poetry: Lorca

Fiction: Dostoievsky
Poetry: Bukowski [this may change as soon as I hand the diss.]

An unsurpassed, masterful, crazy creator:

I've spoken :D

Melissa Sue

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are there books, are there novels by her bed?

claire rabe
jonathan safran foer
adams (doug)
*completely blanks on author of Stranger in a Strange Land*
collins (billy)
baum (frank)

i think that's all that i have currently stacked up on the floor next to the bed. There's others but they're not in circulation right now.


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Hunter Thompson
Mark Twain
John Fante
Lester Bangs
Theodore Geisel
That Bukowski guy
Herman Hesse (or his English translators)
PJ O'Rourke


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Ha! Well, I'm surprised anyone else even knows the name. He was a passionate motherfucker, and it came across in his writing. Not everyone's cup of vodka, but it worked for me. I was young and impressionable in the CREEM days.


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cirerita said:
if memory serves me right, B mentions Lester Bangs on positive terms in a few letters.
Maybe Lester is the one who hooked him up with CREEM for the Rolling Stones article. Though I know Richard Robinson (another CREEM writer) was also a Bukowski fan.


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Excellent thread - love a wee list now and again.

Richard Yates.
Harry Crews.
John O'Hara.
Carson McCullers.
Palahniuk (for Fight Club).
Knut Hamsun.
Kevin Canty.
Dan Fante
and his Da.
Charles Willeford (not the Moseley novels)
John Horne Burns (for The Gallery).
Harper Lee (for To Kill A Mockingbird, naturally as it's her only book).
oh yeah and Bukowski.

I know there is more or going to be more.
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Hey Mjp, thanks for naming Lester Bangs and PJ O?Rourke. I didn?t know about them and googled

- Bangs isn?t even translated in german, but I?ll probably order one of his books.

- And while researching PJ O?Rourke (who is translated) I found "How to Drive Fast on Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed and Not Spill Your Drink" online and really liked it. I?ll have to buy his too.


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I'm not surprised that Lester Bangs hasn't been translated, he was a marginal figure here. A music writer, basically, but his style was unique in his day, and he had that fire in his belly, for sure.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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i think... leonard cohen ...is still alive.


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Not to get all pedantic or anything, but I believe?grammatically speaking?
the thread?s title ?Favorite Author (dead and still with us)? is sufficiently
ambiguous to be interpreted as: ?Favorite Author ([those that are] dead and [also
those which are] still with us [, among the living])? as well as your version:
?Favorite Author (dead and still with us [in our minds and hearts])? The only
person who can resolve this dilemma is the thread?s author, zoom man. So,
zoom man, will you please weigh-in here and define what your intent was?



I took it as living and dead. If not, then a bunch of the writers mentioned will be suprised to know that they are dead...

Set us straight, Zoom Man.....

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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SD, Bill: you're both right - guess i sounded pedantic myself - sorry...

also i'm guilty of not paying attention - yes there would be quite a few surprised deceased in the lists above... my bad as you might say over there :)

zoom man

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The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated ......
Indeed Mr Twain, :)
I hate it when that happens....

And in regards to the Thread of this title,
Well, I'm taking the fifth here,
And staying with Mark Twain->

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.:D

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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zoom man said:
It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.:D

true :o


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It's always good to like one's own work. (If one doesn't, who will?) I haven't read your book yet, but it looks interesting. (And I say to hell with what they think of your spelling.)


Brother Schenker

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Cheers, Sam.

The only words I spell my own way are: "alot" & "redd"...and sometimes spell motherfucker mutherfucker...and even though I state this clearly in the front pages of TVF and I&P, some reviewers just can't let it be...

Yea, I absolutely adore my books, some more than others, but they all impress the hell outta me. They are exactly the books I spent many years looking for at the bookstores & libraries but never found. It then dawned on me that it was up to me to write them.
Charles Buokwski - very accessible, he's an open window, a courage teacher, grandfather wise!

Charles Simic - Mysterious riddlers of absolute genius! He flirts and dangles with ordinary life and the metaphysical possibility.

E E Cummings - creative mavrick par excellence...joy mongering dancer!

Alasdair Gray (Scottish)
- Polymorphous pervserse...dark intelligent waffler for and of Glasgow City! A true Creative innovator.

James Ellroy - Spills all the beans and takes full responsibility for the mess! Hard, caustic, true to the bone, fascinating.

Walt Whitman - Posh old noter of every fragment of Life! Great enumerator of a lost america....hopeless romantic, lover, yuppy, queer, and pure genius.

Italo Calvino (Italian) - Hyper-imaginative narrative voyager! Read this man. His stories are little chess puzzles, little rubex cubes, little logical dances of the imagination! Inspired and lights candles in the mind...

(American literature dominates my bookshelf...Scotland has some great writers...but not enough...hopefully it will have me in the future)


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Jeeeesus Christ, Olaf, what an articulate, succinct, literate young human you are! (This is a complement, I hope you know; as best as I can muster.) And I see I have a rival for the title of chief flummerist and wielder of true polyglottery (a title I gave myself, by the way; it?s not official). Welcome, and I look forward to seeing your words.

Cheers SamDusky, just thought I'd quickly rattle out a wee list of some of the writers that I read most of...Surely my dyslexia was more than apparent? haha.

Flummerist? - I can't find this word...is it a hyprid between: Florist and Flumist? i.e. flower arranger and nasal sprayer! haha!

take care sir.
nice to meet you
electronically speaking :)


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Melissa Sue said:
*completely blanks on author of Stranger in a Strange Land*

i think that's all that i have currently stacked up on the floor next to the bed. There's others but they're not in circulation right now.
To the sweetest pirate in all of Bukdom (love the eyepatch),

That's Robert Heinlein; and Stranger is, IMHO, his best work; especially when he's speaking of making love to his two sixteen year old clones towards the back (if memory serves, it's been a few decades since read...) With this vignette he established himself as the rival of Bukowski for the title of premier Dirty Old Man of the 20th century (myslef being excluded from the running, due to affiliate issues).


jose leitao

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Living Authors:
Clive Barker
Bret Easton Ellis
Chuck Palahniuk
Don DeLillo

Raymond Carver
Stig Dagerman
Giovanni Papini