favorite beer/favorite mixed drink

im sure this thread has existed before... but here it goes...

currenty (changes a lot)

beer-yeungling (when im in philly), miller high life
mix- scotch and water or gin and tonic

...and you?


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Please pass the drinks menu... Ok, I'll have a Guinness, a Grolsch, Brandy and Cherry Coke, Vodka and Orange Juice and ... oh yeah 3 bottles of good Red

Hi Michael,

Can't raise my hand...until I find it. (It's in front of me somewhere...) No, I'm not a 'holic but I like inexpensive, good red wines when I'm right with the world; so naturaly I don't have much occasion to drink. (Papio Merlot 2004, Californian, is a steal for under 5 bucks a bottle American.)

By the way, welcome to the newsgroup despite my shitty posts of challenge; if I didn't think you had it in you, I wouldn't have been such a hardass...my asshole was being too much of a me. So, glad to welcome you, and mockingbird wish you luck.


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at the mo it's kestrel super - cheap and effective - like a kalashnikov. used to be scotch and diet coke - a half bottle every night for 3/4 yrs except weekends - weekends are special right?


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Bud Light in a bottle, or white wine in a glass. Red wines, imported beers, microbrews, all give me a killer headache. They think I'm so dull at the brew pub, ordering the blandest beer on the menu, but I'd rather drink Bud Light than nothing at all.


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Beer: Carlsberg or Tuborg...and english stouts.
Heavy stuff: Rum and coke.
Actually Jack and Coke is my favorite mix if I'm chillin.' I was just recently introduced to Liquid Cocaine (and loved it).
Tennets Larger!

A cheap scottish beer. It is very inexpensive. Very gassy.

It has put me in some bad positions - or rather - I have put myself in some bad situations from drinking far too much of it.

it goes down sooo well!
Gotta drink it quick or you taste each individually. I think the last time I had it there was more alcohol than that (college bartenders don't know what they're doing).
I like Beer, faves are Stella Artrois, Heneiken, Tecate, Bohemia, Fosters, Boddington, Sapporo but I like Coors Light also.

Drink Black Russians a lot, especially with a beer at the same time.

Jager shots and Scotch(Glen Livet) a little in the winter.

I think I'm an alcoholic but I'm comfortable with that.
damn i accidently posted this on another thread:

yes i must admit i've had many vodka 7's because of bukowski

my drink of choice at home is moritz beer which is from barcelona. that and vino tinto. when i go out i usually go for cuba libres, which is rum and coke, or just straight rum the mixed drinks aren't very good here anyway


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Wheat beer... ick! We used to mix a little raspberry syrup with it and it was still (IMO) barely potable. A lot of fizz and no real flavor. Gimme a Guiness or a Sierra Nevada PA anytime.
And what were Buk's favourite drinks? Or has this been asked before?
Did he drink California white wine or only the reds? And I think he liked German beer? Oh yes, and what is muscatel (sp?) :confused:

Personally I like Canadian rye whiskey and coke. :)
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