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From Chapter 44 of Factotum:

"You married, Manny?"
"No way."
"Sometimes. But it never lasts."
"What's the problem?"
"A woman is a full time job. You have to choose your profession."
"I suppose there is an emotional drain."
"Physical too. They want to fuck night and day."
"Get one you like to fuck."
"Yes, but if you drink or gamble they think it's a put-down of their love."
"Get one who likes to drink, gamble and fuck."
"Who wants a woman like that?"
That's an all-time classic! I have to laugh every time I read it.
Once I read it in Hot Water Music back in 2001, it still haunts me to this very day;

"The only people who know about mercy are the ones who need it."
"...I like myself living or dead, I am the best
thing I have ever met, so bury me sweet and
deep and don't weep, realize that one of the
nicest things is leaving you, your cities, your
songs, your mewking laughter, your history, your
hell, your chess sets, your jams and your jellies,
your bunnies, your buttocks, the way you've
smeared the sun and pissed in your ears, I still
liked some of you, which beats the other, so
drop the lid--the darkness is yours and as
your feet hit the floor each morning, I wish
you luck."

(from the poem Goodbye)