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My 1st full year on this site and would like to list a few of my favorite things ( apologies to Rodgers​
and Hammerstein).
1. One Match Left by David Barker published by Purple Glow Press. Everything perfect with this one.
2. 'Tirez a la ligne, Celine' from Chance Press. This J&J duo know how to craft a fine book and who is this Hines fella? A favorite.
3. Milk #1. Fuck you if you haven't read this.
4. Athenaeum from Bottle of Smoke. When all things come together perfectly it's a win-win for both seller and buyer.
5. Hosho McCreesh - what a weird name :D but I'll buy anything from here on out this SOB writes.
6. Scribbles in a Sandstorm - received this the day before Christmas and Santa can stick the rest of his bag up his ass.
7. Ghost by David Barker. Beautiful
8. Retreating Aggressively into the Dark by Harry Calhoun. Great collection of poetry. An unfortunate thread this found itself in. After reading this collection I really don't fault the sharp sword Harry swung about.
9. Any publication of Abel Debritto's.
10. What I missed in my selections.
11. MJP, the mods - Hooch & Solo - and the rest of you clowns who make this site what it is.
12. Bukowski















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In no particular order:

1. Moving to Pasadena
2. Hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains
3. Everything by Bukowski
4. Almost everything by Camus
5. Camping in Big Sur and Montana de Oro
6. Good friends
7. Improving health
8. Seeing Screaming Females twice
9. Everything by Baroness
10. Everything by Amon Amarth
11. Not being able to work for 4 months due to a back injury, which led to a new low-stress job that is fucking awesome.
He said that he stopped writting polars, "Noir" or fictionnals books and novels. He wants to turn into more autobiographicals works, like this novel or "Destination:Morgue !" and "My Dark Places".
Sounds great.
I hear you. I for one can't wait. There aren't nearly enough books written by talentless right wing closet case whack job jackasses.

More Ellroy!
okay, so if i limit it to books/book collecting/book stuff/bookiness/and "livres", here are my top 10, but not in order:
- meeting chronic, getting 3 special edition mark ryden books plus a special edition joel peter witkin book, and seeing some other gems in his collection
- hangin' with carol and mjp at carol's gallery opening and then dragging them to get ice cream afterwards, and then going to get mcdonald's, and then trying to keep up with mjp while he tried to lose us in south pasadena on the way back to his house
- taking delivery of matrix 29 by whittington press (which, for those of you inclined, includes 7 fold-out letterpress posters)
- introducing america to the new luigi serafini book via my amazing blog, buying the book from italy for 300 euros, and seeing it a few weeks later on abe for $2800.
- getting a bunch of books signed by c.f. and brian chippendale at a signing in LA, and then accidentally meeting ron rege jr. and ben jones after the event was over, getting books signed by them, and then finally having sammy harkham offer me kramers ergot issues 2 and 3 for free, just because i was telling him how i was a huge fan.
- new bottle of smoke press books - can't beat 'em, and always good for inspiration
- comics festivals - comic-con and APE; getting great signed books at all of them, even though comic-con almost led to me getting divorced (well not really, but it should have, except for the fact that justine is amazing)
- the group signing for hi fructose volume 2 at MOMA, where i got 7 signatures all at once by artists who don't really ever do signings
- getting the special edition of the new mark ryden book for my birthday
- my only new bukowski acquisition this year: the 'there's no business' presentation copy with crumb and bukowski signing each other's names.
My stay in Joshua Tree with MJP and working on the Chance Press stuff, + all my J&J/Chance Press dealings/interactions in general, Starting to work with Bill on my new book - total honor! Adding new Buks to our collection, Seeing a couple of close friends, Being happy with a few completed paintings, working on an etching at Self Help Graphics in East LA, my many naps, a few art shows I saw, and all of MJP's finest jokes.
trying to keep up with mjp while he tried to lose us in south pasadena on the way back to his house
Tried unsuccessfully to lose you. Where'd you learn to drive, stunt school? Never seen anything like it - up on sidewalks, over lawns, through basketball courts...I finally had to give up and let him follow us home.

And when he says he dragged us to get ice cream, he means to a joint about 90 miles across town, through Saturday night Hollywood traffic, and deep into a dark alley where we almost didn't get in to the place because he momentarily forgot the secret knock and password. I don't mind admitting that I was traumatized, and to this day, can't even look at ice cream without trembling.
Hooch I love the Weber!
Jamaica Cuba and Ottawa Blues Fest did it for me in 2010.
Oh and playing live for the first time in 15 years, unless in front of cats counts.
I was about to click 'like' on Ponder's post, but then I realized people might think I like his orgasm.
no, he wouldn't let me lick it. he said it was sacred and meant for Jehovah. but he made me scrape it into a test tube and mail it to Larry King.
Yeah, I guess that Ellroy now has one fan on this board. I'm not sure if I hate his over the top arrogance or his self righteous right-wing rantings more.
I just reread this post and want to confirm that I was talking about Ellroy in his rantings and arrogance, not Charley Buke, who seems like a good guy.

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