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Hey blitz, what have you got against us? You tease us by registering for the forum and then you don't make your first post. We feel neglected and frankly, kind of used. So come on, say hello. You know you want to. Make us feel loved.

So, hello!
I stumbled across Bukowski in a bookshop browsing the shelves.
I remembered hearing the name somewhere so I checked it out.
Loved him since then, but haven't come across other people who read
Bukowski so joined this forum to meet people who do.

I study American and British literature, but even most of my professors
haven't read much by him.
yes, I do feel loved now, but I'm not much of a cuddler, so if you could move along now, that'd be great...
seriously, welcome aboard.
and be thankful your profs haven't read Buk ;)
Welcome to the forum, blitz! Now I don't feel neglected and used anymore - on the contrary, I feel loved...:D
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hehe, exactly what I suspect!
I'm actually glad they haven't read him much and I wouldn't have taken a
class on Bukowski if they had one. I don't think everything should be analyzed to pieces.

Thanks for the welcome :)
Welcome Blitz. I am Love -by name. If you want to see what happens when you analyze Bukowski to pieces, then check out the Girl in a mini skirt thread.
Have a nice day and I hope you get good grades.
Oh she's reading th Bible. duh

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