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My friend Mike introduced me to Bukowski with "Notes of a Dirty Old Man", and ever since then I have been drawn to his words and life. Bukowski is always in our conversations. He mentioned this website, so I had to check it out. What got me was his realism and no nonsense writing. He makes his point without me having to sit and try and strain my brain trying to figure out his words. His words all seem like different sized stories, no matter how small the poem. I give his books as gifts every opportunity that arises. I definitely need to print out the checklist. I always keep one of his books in my desk at work. I am a social worker and his writings fit perfectly into what I do. It truly feels great to be here with all of you.....
Nice intro!
Welcome sc11!
Thank you

Welcome aboard, smirkingcrow11!
Thanks, it's good to part of something great..

It takes a keen eye to see a smirk on a crow's very black face. Welcome S crow.
Agreed, thank you, it is a perfect place to land....

good point.
That is what really drew me in. Bukowski always has purpose with his words and his point got across..

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