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At 96-amazing.
He has been at the centre and front of so many new ideas-worthy or not.
That in itself is a life worthy of a big ass monument.
He has the most famous bookstore on the planet -a freaking bookstore.
He is not Bukowski-but I would say without him American poetry would be ..well like Canadian poetry-ignored.
I just published a little, single poem chapbook of his. Anyone interested in a copy, please contact me. For some reason, it is not on my site. I have regular paperbacks, signed paperbacks and signed hardcovers... All letterpress printed, including the cover, which was a strange method that i invented for this book...

lf book 1 small.jpg
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I find all the weeping and wailing of bay area types to be funny. Oh dear, rich people are moving in and ruining everything! No shit. You mean, just like everywhere else?

Typical of the attitude they've had up there forever. That they are somehow removed from the way things work. Above it all. Well I guess not, eh? Welcome to reality, hippies. Sorry to wake you.
the rich do it everywhere when artists are asked to pay higher rents after having created more interesting spaces and business.
That's what's so ironic/funny about the outrage in San Francisco. The people who are up in arms over the evil Internet types are the same ones who pushed out the hippies and the working class people 30, 40 years ago. They were called "yuppies," if you recall, and they were universally despised the same way they now despise the people who are richer than they are.

They make more noise than the hippies and blue collar people who they displaced - and they feel infinitely more entitled - so you hear more complaining about the "problem" in San Francisco now, but of course it's the same thing that always happens everywhere. The yuppies and trust fund types just can't believe they've been trumped (pun intended). They can't believe that they could be displaced. That they aren't "on top."
I saw his very beautiful painting; Before the Revolution, 1979 up for sale the other day, via a website, for £18,640.83 (or nearest bid). Just waiting for payday 2025 to roll around and I'll put in a cheeky bid.

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