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Just a note in case anyone in the L.A. area is interested. The Academy is running a Summer series of great films noir. Some of the best titles have already sold out, but I have my eye on Kiss of Death (in which Richard Widmark pushes an old lady in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs) on August 23 and White Heat (best Cagney movie ever) on August 30. Tickets are only $5.00.

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No, unfortunately Detour isn't on the list. From what I understand there are no complete prints of the film in existence (and the neg was lost long ago), and the few prints that remain are pretty badly damaged... basically what you see on a DVD copy of the film is the best print around.

Great great movie though and considered to be a prototype for the genre.

But damn... White Heat on the big screen. I gotta go to that. I love that movie.
The Narrow Margin is one of my favorite lesser-known Noirs.

Detour is such a great movie, that scene at night, all foggy is one of my favourites of all time. The whole film, is just pure noir.
Ann Savage (RIP) used to go around with her copy (the only one) and show it... now the guy that used to take care of her has it. I've seen it, and it has a splice in it that is a little fucked up, but the rest of the film is in good condition. It's a great film and she was one hell of an actress.

She bought some of my art about a year and a half before she died.

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