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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Read that on wiki.
The 2009 French film Cartagena (French: L'homme de chevet) features Sophie Marceau as a quadriplegic woman named Muriel who loves the writings of Bukowski. She has her caregiver, an alcoholic and former boxer named Léo (played by Christopher Lambert), read passages of Bukowski to her, and she often compares Léo's mannerisms and personality to the poet, implying that their similarities are why she hired him in the first place.

I have been looking for videos where Lambert reads Bukowski in the film or where he is mentioned but I had no luck so far. I'd be curious to hear it in French.
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I haven't seen this one. I'll watch it.
I had seen several movies on Bukowski or inspired by, but so far I only enjoyed one : Lune froide (Cold moon), 1991. It's not directly Buk, but inspired by 2 shorts stories.
For instance I like Ferreri and Schroeder for other movies, but I couldn't dig it in their films on Buk.

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