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Hello folks.
Been lurking for most of 08, and wanted to introduce myself.
yes Will Rodgers is my real name. tried to think of a unique handle, but i'm not that inventive.
my Buk collection grows weekly. have been hooked since i saw the Born Into This dvd.
Haven't picked up anything really rare as of yet....partially because i recently lost my job of 12 years.
when things get back to normal, i hope to be bidding right next to you hardcore collectors on eBay!
Not sure how to add friends here, but anyone on the forum who would be kind enough to add me, or tell me how to add them would be cool.
First off, welcome. I noticed that you bought a few of BOSpress' Buk books right off the bat. So, I added you as a friend; that means you can't turn out to be an ass, because that would make me look bad, and I really would prefer not to have any help in that area. I can handle that myself.

Lancaster is a lovely city; in fact, when I first got into Buk in 1987/88, I had a girlfriend who was at Franklin & Marshall. I rather screwed that up, but that's 20 years ago and I managed to come out in good stead with life. Somehow, I suppose.

So, what Buk do you dig? Oh, and to add a friend, go to their profile by clicking on their username and choose the "view public profile" option. From there, choose the friends tab, I think. Can't remember for sure, right now, but you'll find it.

Good luck with the job. Just don't work in a fluorescent light factory where they keep the heaviest fixtures on the top shelf...
thanks for the greetings.
no i wont turn out to be an ass.

i am really digging all the Buk DVD's I have picked up. I think i have everything that is available. Probably enjoy the Barbet interviews the best, but the live readings are a real kick in the head as well!
bought a bunch of audio cd's, and am looking forward to ordering the early KPFK radio reading.
hope to see the Hackford doc get a proper release soon.
because i recently lost my job of 12 years.

Develop a heavy drinking habit, buy yourself a typewriter, rent a room at a roach motel and be sure to be kicked out at least once a week for noise violation and fighting. Also, hang around a lot of slummy bars and pick up interesting women. It's better if they have some kind of mental disorder, or have some kind of weird scar(s) on them from past fighting or suicide attempts. It's better if they're very pretty, and tell you you have a fascinating face.

Welcome :D
welcome, will.
another job will show up. but in the meantime, enjoy the forum.
thanks for all responses.
waiting for the 30+ Buk Books that I have ordered to arrive...
looks like January will be less bleary here in amish-town.

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