Find the point of this video, win great prizes, IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS (1 Viewer)


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ok I made it to 1;21..sorry,I'm not going to be able to compete in this. I assume you must know the point though. Offering great prizes and all..I can"t wait to find out the answer.


I made it through :45 before bailing. I've read write-ups on these videos in Slate, Salon, etc.. You know, to me these are just the 21st century version of a favorite topic that women have always discussed with each other anyway - shopping. My mother and her sisters spent hours on the phone sharing details of what they found at the "department stores" (a 20th century term for you youngsters). Today women have webcams and access to a wider audience. There are basic gender differences and one of them is women and their love of shopping and their need to share details of said voyages. Maybe men love shopping just as much but prefer to share and discuss the details in person ? Otherwise - where are all the webcam videos of BBQ/outdoor grills, tools/hardware, camping equipment, etc.?

I hope I don't sound like too much of a troglodyte in my gender evaluations there.
For the record, I loved my Mom. And every one of her sisters - especially Aunt Marilyn who made the most kick-ass buttermilk-batter fried chicken in the history of poultry products.

I fully expect the next post in this thread to contain links to BBQ/outdoor grills, tools/hardware, camping equipment videos. Ha !


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Wow, what a speed-talker! I think she has a future in sales. Pretty girl though. Thank God, she is'nt self-centered. :rollfool:
Amazing, anybody can be that excited about toothbrushes, cotton balls, etc.
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I haven't watched the video yet, but I just wanted to say that I have been ignoring alien orders for years, but they are persistent little bastards.
and why on earth did the aliens tell her to buy an anal-plug ?



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well, I watched the whole thing. do I get a prize for that. that chap stick thingy was super cute!

yeah, that was something. of course, she's not making that video with me as the target audience; she's aiming it at pretty, middle class, sheltered girls. whereas I'm a pretty, middle class, sheltered boy. there's a biiig difference, let me tell you!


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I think she's a Valley Girl.

[This video is unavailable.]
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Pretty soon we'll all be blown to hell.

Girls like these may not be the reason, but they will keep on talking anyhow.

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like, i've got the like PERFECT product for her...


she is pretty though..pretty fucking annoying

Pff...white people.

If only she was going on and on about all the terrific small press books she'd just bought...

But seriously though: if there were 100K more like her, and all those fine and necessary products were made in America -- hell, adios recession!

I vote we clone I have a 2nd to the motion? C'mon, do it for America!
Maybe she is part of a terrorist cell and the 'products' she is pushing are components for building a tank, or something

(Note: if you slow down the audio and play it backwards she is actually saying, "Let us build a tank out of toothbrushes and tampons, so that we may crush the imperialist scum).

Apparently this "haul video" thing is all the rage. And so I say, friends, where's the haul video for the working man? The simple man? The blue collar man? Like, say, a trucker maybe...shooting a video of all the assorted smut and gadetry he picked up at one of those huge porn shops just off the highway in Nebraska somewhere. Now that is a "haul video" we might-could sit through...


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Well, I asked and apparently now I can get an expert answer on the question!

I'm going to BlogWorld & New Media Expo next week, and wouldn't you know - Julie Perry from Blast Media is presenting a talk on YouTube Haulers; "Reviews are the new advertising."

Luckily, there are other, more interesting sessions during her time, so I believe I will miss it. Though I will have access to all the video after the conference, so maybe I'll see it anyway.

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