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finding Bukowski @ goodwill (1 Viewer)

I just got back from the local goodwill and I found a copy of love is a dog 4th printing and a copy of women 1st printing both in great condition in fact I don't think either have been read! And they were only $3.99 each!!! I can't believe people just GIVE this stuff away. Well lucky me and it's not even my birthday.:D
Ya I was/am pretty stoked. My girlfriend didn't see the point, seeing that I have both of those already and my copies are hardcovers. But neither are first and I'm gonna give a pal at work the copy of love is a dog and as for the copy of women, well it's going on the shelf with all the rest. Some people just don't understand my obsession with buk. And I'm quite sure everyone on this fourm can relate.;)
As for that first of Women, it is a bit notorious in that it contains the John Martin edits that can't be found anywhere else. Buk wrote about his dissatisfaction and anger about these in the letters collections.

So take out your later copy and the softcover first and check out the differences.
That's right! I'd forgot about the edits. (rubbing my hands together) I've always wondered about those. This is gonna be fun.
They sell books at goodwill? Shit, we have a goodwill superstore up the street here, I'll have to get up there, they may have a first copy of Naked Lunch or something.
Anne Murray?

I pissed on a couple of Anne Murray records I got for $1 at a Salvation Army once. Its on video somewhere in MA...
Great finds for Goodwill. Around here, I get nothing that good. Mostly BOMC editions of bestsellers. I've never found Bukowski at a thrift store or yard sale or library sale.

I always look for Bukowski books in used bookstores or yard sales. I think people die with them and are buried with their Bukowski books, at least I think I'd like to be.
ya that sounds cool. you know i look in every goodwill i come across, and believe me thats many. at first i'd never find anything. but i'd always look. i'd find other authors like carver, abbey, murakami, but never bukowski. the first goodwill buk book i found was a
16th printing of burning. i know this because i still have it. anyway since then ive seen atleast 12 black sparrow, counting the two i just bought YES!!, and 2 city lights. i once saw a copy of erections... and it looked in decent shape selling for $7.50. i have two of these. still should've looked.;) anyway the point is you never know. bukowski will show in strange places. it doesnt take usally more than 15 min to stop in and you my find something like, a first printing of women, never read, for like $3.99:)
The quality of what you'll find in a Goodwill is in direct correlation to the cultural hipness (or lack of it) of the city it's in. That, unfortunately, speaks volumes about what a sorry place I live in. I run across the ocassion Rod McKuen, which I never buy, or Oprah's pet authors, but never, ever anything resembling the Beats, counterculture, avant guarde. I know that stuff is read by a few in this town because I see them carrying the books. They are always young, in their 20s. Too young to be dying off in droves and having their libraries dumped at the Goodwill.
The yard sales around here aren't much either. I went to one Friday morning that advertised "thousands of book." They'd been open a few minutes so I know they hadn't sold many. There were maybe 200 books, and most of those were romance novels.
But there are literally thousands of books in every romance novel.

No wait... each romance novel is exactly the same as the other thousands of romance titles! Nailed it! So two hundred romance books is more like... 200,000. Or maybe even 2 million!

But yeah... I've been to yard sales and garage sales and (on the east coast) even tag sales... but I've rarely found good book deals... Or good books...
No wait... each romance novel is exactly the same as the other thousands of romance titles! Nailed it! So two hundred romance books is more like... 200,000. Or maybe even 2 million!

You have that backwards... 2 million romance novels are equal to 1, and a bad 1 at that.
Yeah.....we've got Oxfam in Ireland....

the best you gonna find there is James Patterson or Maeve Binchy....

and they're total horseshit...

but you can get quite fetching leather jackets and old football boots....
I did get lucky at my local crappy thrift store and found a $75 book in the religion section. Guess they don't look them up on ABE like they do everything else.

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