Finding Bukowski reading material in RSA!!!!! (1 Viewer)

Not the easiest material to find in my land - I have yet to obtain something other than what I view on this site (thanks for that) - anybody out there have any suggestions - anybody out there from South Africa?????? :cool:
Oh definately in English - Afrikaans not being my first language I am much better versed in English. I do however, have an inherent distrust of payment by Net!!
Dis lekker!!!! Ek was 'n paar jaar terug in Amsterdam - baai mooi plek!

Yes, A'dam is very beautiful. Although the people on buknet are quite linguistic, and I do love Afrikaans, it's smarter to write in English:)

If you have the possibility to get paypal you're able to buy cheap Buk books on ebay.

Good luck.

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