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Well, hello there fuckers (in a good way) ;)
Anyone else here from Finland?

I stumbled my way into the works of Charles Bukowski a few months back. It was Post Office I read first, then Notes Of A Dirty Old Man and was completely blown away. Nothing like I've read before. Then I read everything I could get my hands on, one novel in one day. And I'm not even a reader. But Buk's shit is something else.
Anyways, just wanted to say hi. And I try not to be an asshole, any more than I naturally am. :)
Welcome to the forum, Bobby! Post Office was also my first. What Buk books have you read so far, besides the two you mention? How many Buk books have been translated into finnish and what are the titles?
I've read Factotum, Women, Ham On Rye, Hollywood and The Most Beautiful Woman In Town, those I could find from the library... so I still have many books to go when it comes to Bukowski.
I think there is something like 15 translated into finnish, and besides the ones I've mentioned Pulp, Hot Water Music, Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills, Love Is A Dog From Hell, War All The Time, Burning In Water Drowning In Flame,The Captain Is Out To Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over The Ship and There's No Business. Might be more, I'm not exactly sure...
I'd buy 'em all if I had any more money than to pay my rent.
Then you have read all his novels except Pulp. Great! About 15 books translated into finnish - wow! You Finn's are lucky. Here in Denmark we only have the first five novels, a poem anthology and a selection of short stories translated. Happy Buk reading...
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Yeah, they've translated Buk pretty good here. I don't mind reading in english though. I just went to the 'poems' -section in the library and found a whole bunch of Bukowski-poetry, I never saw 'em before. Now I'm going through Love Is A Dog From Hell, Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills and other stuff... man, this is really something. Shit...
Having fun indeed, drunk of wine and reading this.
Are you in Finland? I live in Turku. Jesus Christ, it is a rare treat to hear from someone who lives in the same country and who loves Buk!
Yeah! In Finland, reporting from the city of Jyväskylä. :D
You're right, it's pretty fucking rare, I know exactly one person (besides you, now) who reads Buk. Actually, thanks to this other dude, from Kuopio, I found out about Bukowski. Hahah, vittu, oisinha minä voinu sanoa tämän suoraan suomeksiki.
Hi I was introduced to Bukowski in the winter of 2006 by my youngest daughter. She was playing the DVD "Born into This". I watched it twice and found myself pausing it to read the manuscript that were flashed briefly on screen. I then took her copy of "Women" and read it. I was quite enlightened by the genius of Bukowski. Now 6 books later I am posting to you his disciples.
"Now 6 books later I am posting to you his disciples."

No gods, no disciples in here.
Its all about pretense or rather anti-pretense with Buk and some others.
And of course, pretending to be not pretending.
Though some havent swallowed it yet.

...i am the depletedPlutoniumCyanide bullet in a pile of empty shells,
surrounding me with their usefulness.
They are recycling.

...just trying to be funny, am I?

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