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First Edition UK Post Office Signed (1 Viewer)

I have amassed quite a collection of Bukowski over the years; this first edition being the most valuable. I have kept it in a shadow box and it sits in my bookshelf. The time has come to part ways with it, and I would like for it to go to a good home. :-)
(I am also hesitant to go through Ebay, etc....)
Anyone interested? I can upload pics, etc.
If I may be so bold as to interpret what Mr. Alum has said, I believe the inferred point to be that your asking price is well above the perceived or established market value of the book. In that regard I would have to agree with him and respectfully suggest that you'll need to cut that price at least in half if you have any real desire to sell the book. Which I can assume, from your previous post, that you do not.
It's worth more than $500 to me. I bought it for more than $500. It is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it: it must be worth more to me than others so I will happily hold on to it.
Everything I post is ghostwritten by a small staff of teenage girls who are paid in Doritos, fashion magazines and cigarettes. Is it wrong? Maybe. But I'm a capitalist.
Sounds like with a young boy to write my stuff now,
I keep him in a ten-foot cage with a
typewriter, feed him whiskey and raw whores,
belt him pretty good three or four times
a week.
I’m 54 years old now and the critics say
my stuff is getting better than ever.

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