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hello everyone. where else could I ask this :)

In the movie version of Factotum, it is clear that the real estate guy that Chinaski 'kills' at the racetrack and the one Jan moves in with are one and the same.

Did anyone infer this from the novel itself? Or is this purely the creation of the movie makers?

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As far as I can remember, in the film Chinaski doesn't kill the guy at the track. But it was a good move by Hamer.
Welcome, Jewels! - I have'nt read Factotum in a while, but as far as I remember Jan does'nt move in with the guy from the racetrack. That's something Bent Hamer made up in the movie.
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Fairly solid 1st question Jewels. I seem to remember wondering the same exact thing but because of the A.D.D, forgot about it by the time the film credits started rolling. Thank you for helping me revisit my confusion and put it to rest.

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Yes, her moving in with that same guy, representing everything Hank hates, was a dramaturgy-move by Bent.
(I think I remember a similar thing in a different film. Was it Blow???)

I also liked this idea to show Hanks thoughts and let it look, as if he was really killing this guy - reminded me of this kinda jokes in the Ally McBeal series.
Im not to sure it isnt hinted at in the book itself- that the real estate agent he kills is one in the same as the guy Jan moves in with. Symbolically I would say he is the same for sure.

The chapter where Hank kills the real estate agent is the only one in italics- meaning among other things that he isnt sure it happened. But by putting it in italics it draws a curious amount of attention to it. The episode does for sure directly influence Hank leaving Jan- real or not. And it certainly foreshadows the final closure with Jan: It is a kind of flip side or mirror image of what the inevitable end of his his relationship with Jan will be.

Thats literary symmetry baby!

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