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Does anybody know if Buk gave a poetry reading in Florida in the Seventies? I can't find it on the Timeline or in the biographies, but he has a short story "The Big Dope Reading" in which he reads in Florida.
The timeline probably only has 25 - 50% of his readings listed. Things like readings are only added to the timeline if there is definitive information about them. Information about specific readings is hard to come by for some reason.
I remember reading the short in Absence... and thinking Florida reading? That's a new one. I just now did a google jaunt and came up with nil. Info is lacking which is a shame. Would wish there would be more info/personal accounts of attendees at these readings.
It's strange that surely thousands of people attended Bukowski readings and you almost never read anything written by any of them. You'd think they would at least want to brag about having seen him live.

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