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Flower Fist eBay auction (1 Viewer)

This is a lot of money but I'm telling you this was a fucking steal. A much lesser copy sold at the Runfola auction last June for a lot more that this. This copy is in perfect condition. And it's inscribed. If the economy wasn't in the shitter this would have sold for close to double.
Sale info for future ref: Sold for US $3,305.00 Feb 15, 2012 13:14:41 PST

flower_1.JPG flower_2_inscription.JPG flower_3_staples.JPG

The one nymark refers to from the Ross Runfola PBA sale went for $ 4500.
I think we've discussed that copy before, the date of the inscription? Funny, 9/18/63 on both all three of these:



after kilgore's thing, i just got worried seeing the thread title that some asshole picked this book up for $100 or something. breathing a sigh of relief now.
Jordan, I hope you're not calling me just some asshole. I tend to believe I'm a very special and unique snowflake asshole. ;)
yeah, that was Ed Blair's copy maybe? Sold thru PBA?

Otherwise, maybe it was on ebay... If it was, then likely stnick is the owner...
same date again...
Interesting, since a couple of years earlier he was saying he didn't have many copies left:
June 8, 1961
Sorry I can only ship one copy but I am down to the end of mine. Other people have
written me that Griffith does not respond either to money or written request. I have
attempted to send copies to all those who asked for them but Griffith only sent me a
limited number. What has gone wrong up in Eureka I really don't know.
He must have tracked down Griffith and finally got more copies on 9/18/63 and sent them right out.

(Added image of third copy with the same date to post above.)
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