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Not sure if anyone posted this. It's a review of FLOWER, FIST in Trace 40 Jan-Mar 1961. Also, in the back of the mag is an interesting banner ad for The Outsider that stretches across two pages.

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I collect essays and reviews on Buk.
Thank you very much for sharing this review, Mark.
Well that guy really got it, didn't he? And that early on. Unusual, and really great to read.
JB May and Bukowski had one of those mutually rewarding love-hate relationships in the late 50s / very early 60s. May assembled the Beloit Poetry Journal issue -with a Bukowski poem- that would cause quite a stir back then. One of the journal editors, said re. B's poem:
"Treason' seemed to us just too powerful a thing to reject. It packed six times the punch of the poems that would have replaced it if we'd not taken it.

"Too powerful a thing to reject", not bad, huh? I guess most of us would consider that poem very unbukowskian, but it seemed a brilliant piece to the BPJ editors.

I'm working on this as we speak, but I really don't want to spoil you guys with these little anecdotes ;)
For those who may have missed it: Treason.

Thanks for posting the review nymark.
A fine, if wordy as hell, review. The guy did get Bukowski, maybe better than most of us. Now if he could just let go of his thesaurus. Thanks for posting.

Recently joined this site....I have a review of Flower ,Fist...in a copy of"Midwest", Winter 61-62. Is it very rare? Review by R.R. Cuscaden
Uncommon, not too rare, although it is a nice one to have. Fogel lists it at $45, but the prices on magazines have fallen a bit. If it is issue #2 or #3 then it should also have at least one Bukowski poem.

If you put it on ebay, I would guess that you would get $25 - $30 if it is in really nice shape.

Yes - the review is in issue 3 with three poems and also I have issue 2
with one poem called "no title at all...". Recently got hold of small mag from Cardiff called Second Aeon - early 70s I think. Issue no. 13: it has three Buk poems: "slim killers", "poem for Dante" and "the conditions". Plus many other writers including William Wantling.
Still finding my way around this site but while I'm here also have DOWN THERE, (a magazine from the east village)issue 2, including
correspondence between Buk and Doug Blazek etc plus two poems
"down to 2 bottles of beer and smoking old cigar stubs" and "GREEN".
once the Buk magazine bug gets you, no one can help. Just ask Al Fogel. He talks about it in his price guide. It becomes a sickness.

I once had a couple of DOWN THERE issues, sold them. Of course, I should have kept all the little mags I had with Bukowski in them. They went for $5 or $10 each back in the day when I was selling off my Bukowski collection.
'm working on this as we speak, but I really don't want to spoil you guys with these little anecdotes

Finally got a copy of Beloit Winter 57-58.

I'm assuming this is the article that Abel was working on back in 2009.

Below is the intro James Boyer May wrote for Beloit Winter 57-58, which reminds me a lot of the message the "Meat School" publishers were sending later on and what Bukowski conveyed in some of his essays...

Also below is the poem by Gil Orlovitz that caused the uproar.


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