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lothario speedwagon
there are a couple days left on this one, so i thought i'd post it. no action at all on this auction, so if you bid, you'll probably win it at the opening price.

it's in french, with multiple illustrations per page. it's really cool, and it's a totally unique edition of the book.

anyway, sales pitch over...


in other celine news, i got a good deal on a couple NRF magazines from the 30's that have original reviews of journey to the end of the night and death on credit... i'll post scans if anyone is interested.
i'll post scans if anyone is interested.


i sold the book to a bookstore today, since they offered more than i thought i was going to get on the auction... it was in its second week still with no bids.

i will post the scans when i get them... i'll post them down in the all things not buk forum, since they aren't technically for sale :cool:.

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